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ACE of BRUSSELS does not have a uniform but we do have a Dress Code which you will find below.  However, we encourage our students and staff to have our school sweatshirts and hoodies which are smart, practical and comfortable and can be purchased through the school office.  

The clothes that people wear say a lot about who we are. First impressions are just that and it is important that we teach our children that they will be judged by others on what our clothes say about us.  We may not like this but that is the way the world works.  So let us help our children to think about the message that their clothes are giving and support them with learning how to make good choices with how to dress. 

The clothes that our students wear make their lives and the lives of those around them easier or more difficult.  In order to help staff, students and parents we have produced guidance to help ensure that all children are dressed appropriately, respectfully and comfortably in school.



Students should wear practical, comfortable, washable clothes such as tracksuits, sensible trousers, not-too-short shorts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, depending on the season and whether it is cold, wet or sunny. The children, both young and old and the teachers too, play outside every day and they must, therefore, be dressed appropriately for the daily Belgian weather. 


School is not a fashion show but that does not mean that it cannot be fun to choose what to wear.  It is a life skill to learn how to dress for the occasion and children are not born with this knowledge - they need parental and school guidance.  Clothing for school should be modest, clean, tidy and respectful of everyone’s culture. There should not be any political or derogatory slogans on the clothing and no party clothing should be worn except when it is a birthday, a special occasion or a dressing-up day.  


Clothing for home can be much more expressive!

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