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My 5-year-old son has been going to this school for 7 months.  He is absolutely delighted and happy to be there.

We, the parents, are amazed by the gentleness of the teachers, the dedication with which they take care of the children and the methods used.  Based on these methods, my son loves to learn.

But more important than academic progress are the social and emotional ones I see every day in my son: self-confidence, care for others, understanding his own emotions but also those around him.

The school building is very beautiful and well maintained, with large spaces not crowded at all.


We have our three children in this school and we are absolutely delighted.

The primary in the château is a dream, in terms of class size, infrastructure, atmosphere... The teachers have a great sense of humor, and a fantastic way of motivating the kids. The progress we have seen on our children is amazing. One of our children is in ACE Rising: an incredible à la carte project that helps our son in an optimal way.

The secondary is equally great. Due to the small class sizes and the excellent teachers, the kids are progressing really well in an excellent atmosphere. Here too we have a child in ACE Plus, her progress is amazing.

So for us, it's a full 5 stars.


My son moved to ACE of Brussels from a school with a non-English first language. From day one he has thrived. He is enthusiastic about going to school and comes home full of ideas and new knowledge and skills, social and academic. The teachers are, without exception, engaged, proactive, caring and I am regularly impressed by the motivation and fascination with the subjects they teach that they inspire in my son. While ACE of Brussels, as a small school, may not have the infrastructure and resources of significantly larger schools, they make up for it through the excellent teaching and learning environment they have created. I cannot recommend ACE of Brussels highly enough.


I am utterly pleased with the school’s methods and staff. The latter ones are one of a kind professionals, dedicated to modern education, and truly fun to work with, my son confesses. The school is also successfully integrating special students, acknowledges neurodiversity and fosters equality. My son is very happy there.


We did tried to move our daughter from ACE to another international school in Brussel and it didn't work as ACE did previously with her so after 1 month moving out we are moving in back to ACE.  She called it " My house " and she is happy to be back to her house! she is enjoying to study.  They have wonderful teachers, they  teach children in attractive ways. They do have magic with children. My daughter have significant changes and improved in many aspect of her life.

She is happier in ACE compared to the other 2 schools she went in Brussels.

No words will be enough to explain how amazing this school is to be able to put strong remarks inside my daughter's heart as her home.

I hope this can explains why I give this school 5 stars.


ACE of Brussels is a very good international school. My son spent amazing years studying there. The principal and teachers are wonderful and try to help with everything. Each child is assessed individually, they support children in learning. My son got a very good education and was happy in the school. 

ACE of Brussels is a great international school. My son was going there during his last two years of primary and was absolutely happy in ACE. They care for every child individually, create a nice family atmosphere. The principal was always attentive and ready to help the parents and students. Teachers were amazing, they encouraged my son to study and be self-confident. I totally recommend this school to everyone.
Great place, great staff and management. My daughter has been going to this school for a year and she is very comfortable here because the teachers at this school are able to listen and focus on the individual needs and strengths of the child. It turned out that without a lot of stress and rigour, it is possible to achieve a high level of learning. I recommend this school to everyone who is looking for a friendly place for their child.

My daughter has been attending this school for a year and a half and my son for over half a year now.

My daughter who previously attended a local school has shown amazing progress in her learning in this time, the change is remarkable. Her self confidence has soared, something that has been a joy to watch! Her relationship with teachers and staff is wonderful and they work so hard on all aspects of a child's needs.

My son who has spent half his life amongst covid rules and restrictions made us worry about how much he had missed out on socially compared to his sister.  Since starting at Ace last September he has grown so much in his confidence in playing with others and has made some great friends and has such trust and care with his teachers which means a lot as a parent.

The school building and grounds are stunning and it's a truly special setting for a school along with a workforce who I believe deserve huge recognition for their constant care, love and support of their pupils through what has been a crazy time for us all!

I couldn't have hoped for more through these last few years and feel extremely fortunate to have found this school for our children.


In full agreement with my 16 year old daughter, I decided to move her to ACE of Brussels in September 2021 following an extremely unpleasant, stressful and difficult couple of years at one of the European Schools.  Within the first term at ACE, my daughter made a miraculous transformation from an anxious, unhappy and despondent teenager into a happy, motivated and confident pupil.  She is finally receiving the support and care she deserves and is thriving in an inclusive environment.

My only regret is that we did not make this move years ago!


Our son has joined ACE in 2021 and it has been a very positive experience with great teachers and caring staff in a lovely environment. I would especially recommend ACE for English speaking children who need special support.


Unbelievably beautiful facilities and a great vision.  My daughter walked in and said THIS is my school, mama!


My daughter is happier in here ,we changed her school from ACE into another international school in Brussels and after a month we moved her back to ACE. The teachers more fit in with her and their methods of learning and teaching is more fit it with her as well.


This school is amazing, the way lessons work are amazing and the teachers are amazing. The first two years were still the ones when I had the most fun

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