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We provide a broad educational experience that enables our students to develop higher order thinking skills in preparation for taking the Cambridge IGCSE and, later on, Cambridge AS and A-Level exams.  


Specialist teachers deliver our comprehensive curriculum in Maths, English, Science, French, Global Perspectives, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Physical Education (PE), Art and Design, and Music.  Critical thinking skills are further developed through the interdisciplinary project-based activities in the Global Perspectives programme.  Study Skills classes and guided Homework Time provide further scaffolding.

Our enquiry approach to learning is enhanced and enriched by a programme of project-based learning. With this teaching method students gain knowledge, skills and a love of learning by working for an extended period of time investigating and responding to a relevant, complex question, problem or challenge.  


Students use the skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication to gain a deeper understanding of an area of study. Our curriculum involves all students working both independently and in small groups to answer a driving, relevant  question over an extended period of time. Projects are interdisciplinary, drawing on knowledge from a number of disciplines, for comprehensive study within an area of interest.


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