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ACE of BRUSSELS International School

At ACE of BRUSSELS we provide high-quality education tailored to individual needs. Our curriculum is project based and follows the Cambridge International Curriculum.  You will find a sample of some of the topics that we use to extend and enrich our curriculum below.  The topics are adapted to fit the needs and interests of our pupils so please be aware that this is only a taster of what goes on in school.


Literacy, Maths, Science, Computing, Humanities, Art, Design and Technology, P.E. and Music are all delivered by highly experienced teachers. The children have the benefit of specialists to extend the curriculum and develop self-confidence and a love of the arts.

Our pupils build on the skills that have been acquired in the Foundation Stage.  In the younger years the children read aloud and are heard daily using a variety of reading schemes. This develops and extends all the reading skills required to achieve a passionate love of reading and the confidence to research and discover the various genres of literature available to them.


The maths curriculum is taught using practical activities supported by strategies such as Hamilton Trust, Mathletics and Khan Academy.  Our aim is to ensure that each child is confident and enthused mathematically and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Within each subject area a number of topics are taught, which are structured to allow children the freedom to explore new skills and acquire new understanding and knowledge in a stimulating way, encouraging a natural enthusiasm for more independent learning.


As the children grow so a greater degree of autonomy and independence is expected of the them. They are encouraged to accept new levels of responsibility and to demonstrate leadership skills. Such changes become evident in work habits and organisation, behaviour, self-discipline and relationships with other children and staff.   They are prepared for the subject-oriented approach of the Seniors and are expected to become more independent in planning and completing their studies.  This encourages skills and attitudes which will stand pupils in good stead as they move through their academic life.

ACE of BRUSSELS International School
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