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At ACE we believe a love of learning is developed through a curriculum that excites and challenges our students.  Our teachers create an environment that ensures academic skills are mastered whilst providing opportunities for our pupils to develop their particular interests and strengths and to explore new horizons.  


The Cambridge Primary curriculum is topic-based and ensures that the children have access to a variety of areas of interest.  The teaching is supported by class trips and expert visitors.


The Cambridge LowerUpper and Advanced Secondary 

curriculum prepares our students for their exam choices and courses.  Project-based learning underpins study of the core subjects and allows our students to explore their burgeoning talents and skills.


At ACE, we believe developing the character of our students is just as important as developing their academic abilities.

Both the Primary and Secondary school curricula are designed to address the social and emotional needs of our students. We believe that self-confidence and resilience are fundamental to success.   Our curriculum is designed to develop students who have the self-assurance and strength of character to pursue their ambitions in life and to be successful in whatever they choose.

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