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Meet Bonkers, our fully trained and certified school support dog. He would love to meet you.

  • 30 min
  • €10 euros

Service Description

Therapy dogs are used to comfort people and give affection. Spending time with a therapy dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce anxiety, and increase endorphins and oxytocin. MESSAGE FROM BONKERS Hello, I am Bonkers, the ACE school support dog. I am half Jack Russell and half Bichon Frise which makes me a Jackie Bichon. I love to go on walks but please keep me on the lead - this is now the law. I have a short lead for short walks but if you go in the woods or the fields I have an extending lead. I also have poo bags! If a fire engine goes past with its siren going I will howl along with it - I like the tune! If I sit in front of you and look at you as if I love you A LOT it probably means that I need to pee! I love my red toy as it has food inside and it cleans my teeth. When you give me something to eat, make me sit and wait for 5 seconds, then click your tongue or say “Go on then” and I will take it. I will look you in the eye as if I am starving but just ignore me. I will stay with you ALL THE TIME as I need to make sure that you are safe. I often try to sit as close to you as possible, even on your lap if you let me, and I will look at you adoringly. I know how this game works!!!! I love to play ball. It’s my best game. If you throw my ball I will bring it back to you but I won’t give it to you as I am not a retriever! I think that you want the ball as much as I do so I will tease you with it. If you let me, I will play the ball game FOR HOURS! If you don’t play the ball game when I want you to I will look at the ball then at you. If you still do not throw the ball I will nag you! This is me talking, I am not growling at you, I am grumbling! Sometimes I go “unnecessary” and zoom around. Just jump out of the way and let me do it and it will stop. I AM NOT ALLOWED ON THE BED. I disagree with this but it is the rule! I sometimes go under the sofa or the bed. I am half Jack Russell and I like small spaces. If you make me sit and say “High five” I will give you my paw. If you tickle my tummy I will love you FOR EVER!!!!!!

Contact Details

  • Drève du Prieuré 19, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium

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