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A Sensory Profile measures the processing abilities of our senses - all of them!

  • 1 hour
  • €50 euros

Service Description

Sensory processing is complicated and we all do it. Some of us hace an aversion to strong smells, a sensitivity to bright lights, or a reaction to certain clothing textures. These sensitivities are amplified we may seek specific sensations, or struggle to discern sensory information altogether. We start a Sensory Profile by mapping your unique needs to each of your senses - and there are more than five! In this process we gain information about your body’s various senses, how it is organised and how you use it to make sense of and interact with the world around. We have 8 Senses and you probably know about the following five senses: Sight Tactile (touch) Auditory Gustatory (taste) Olfactory (smell) Did you know about the following three lesser-known senses? 1. Vestibular. Located in the inner ear. This sense allows you to keep your balance and posture. 2. Proprioception. This is also known as body awareness. This sense helps you determine where your body parts are in relation to one another without having to look at them. 3. Interoception. This is the sense of what is going on inside your body from heart rate, hunger, thirst, and even emotions. Once we have all this information we then consider how we can best tailor our environment for you through sensory toys, accommodations and more, to support your strengths and needs.

Contact Details

  • Drève du Prieuré 19, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium

    + 0032(0) 2 420 02 04

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