Welcome to our unique and inspirational school community where Project Based Learning allows our students to do, to experience and to construct.  Our school is designed to foster students who are persistent, engaged, enterprising and courageous.  
We use a variety of curricula and strategies to suit your child as they study maths, literacy, sciences, languages and technology.   Project based learning is used to gain an in-depth understanding of the subjects being studied.
Experts work with our students to inspire and to show how their learning is relevant to real life.  Our school is the ideal place for students to explore their world and to develop the confidence to shape it for their future.  Our students learn in the style that suits them best.
We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of the University of Cambridge. Through Cambridge International’s programme we prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.  We are also a Cambridge International examination centre for both school and private candidates who wish to sit their iGCSE and A-Level examinations.
We are very proud of our school family and we are eager to share our warmth, our energy and our passion for learning with you.
I look forward to meeting you.
Jackie Daire


Our Vision

We provide a learning community where children can achieve their full potential through a flexible, engaging curriculum in a

family-centred partnership.  

Family Centred 


We have created a family-centred school community focused on developing character as well as academics - one whose family values foster healthy attitudes towards individuals, each other and the world.

Learning Community

We are an affordable and diverse school community based on respect, tolerance and understanding. We create an integrated learning environment where students have a voice and take responsibility for their education as they evolve into young adults.  Our learning community includes students aged 3 - 16 growing up to 18 year olds.


We provide an individualised, diverse and enriching curriculum designed to encapsulate the strengths, interests and goals of each student.  This is particularly suited to students who are gifted.  The curriculum fosters learning strategies to suit each student and extends beyond the boundaries of traditional curricula.  The material and flexible learning spaces can be configured to foster individual as well as collaborative study. Individual progress reports are regularly communicated to our students and parents.  We provide our students with opportunities to meet and learn from people in our community who are already creating the future and who are experts in their fields.


Our students learn how to use today’s technology productively and responsibly in all aspects of their lives.  Current technological innovations are employed to ensure that the unique learning needs of our students are met.

We develop and nurture academic and personal excellence in each of our students through learning, discovery, questioning and creativity.  Our blend of traditional and modern teaching, together with our use of technology, allows us to provide individualised programmes of study according to the needs of our students.  Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning through exploration and curiosity.   Our curriculum focuses on the whole child, so that our students leave our community as well-rounded and confident young people who are ready to face life’s challenges.


A family-centred, international, English-speaking school community in Brussels, Belgium.

We develop character as well as academics. 

Address:- Drève du Prieuré 19, Auderghem, Bruxelles 1160

Email:- info@ACEofBRUSSELS.com

Telephone:-  +32 (0)2 420 02 04

Address:- Priorijdreef 19, Oudergem, Brussel 1160

Email:- info@ACEofBRUSSELS.com

Telephone:-  +32 (0)2 420 02 04

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