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ACE of BRUSSELS International School

Allominibus is a local company that has supported our school for a number of years.  Paula and Kristos will bring your children to and from school for a small fee.  They  will not just bring your children to school but will walk them into school, hand them over the teachers on duty and ensure that they have arrived at school safe, happy and with everything that they had when they left home!  

At the end of the day, the children are greeted with a warm smile and Paula and Kristos ensure that all bags have been collected and that nothing has been forgotten.

Paula always has time to chat with the teachers on duty , so any messages can be forwarded.

Contact Paula and Kristos at  

GSM/Cell/Mobile number  0032 (0)487 954 973

Kristos started his company in 1972 and he has served many schools in the local community.  He puts safety first and ensures that his vehicles are well maintained and comply with all safety standards.  Please contact the office to find out how Paula and Kristos can help you with you transport needs. Click here to go to the Allominibus website

ACE of BRUSSELS International School
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