Comments from parents.

An exciting school!  Great teachers and amazing facilities. My daughter is very happy there.

Unbelievably beautiful facilities and a great vision. My daughter walked in and said "THIS is my school, Mama!"

All my boys are very happy at their new school.

I was not expecting such a smooth start.

Thank you very much for providing this warm school environment for the kids.

Comments from pupils.

Our Amazing ACE 

Our school is amazing because we have amazing teachers who don’t shout. The children are really nice and friendly and we all have wonderful friends. The building is amazing and it has space for everyone. Somehow the teachers can make us love every subject just by teaching it in a different and more fun way. Every student has the right to say what they likes or dislikes to make their learning even more fun. The playground is really big so we all get the chance to play nicely together. We develop our ideas and thinking in a very fun but still focused way. Project based learning is our WORLD!!

We have great grounds.

We have great and positively awesome teachers.

Democracy and fairness are always included in our school.

It's so easy to make friends and have fun.

The teachers make everyone feel at home.

The teachers make the studies so enjoyable.

You never feel excluded.

If you are upset, a teacher will always find the time to listen to your problems.

There is not one day without someone laughing.

We get the work done in a focused but still enjoyable way.

The Grounds

The two outside areas are big enough for all the children to use to play tag, football and basketball and much more, but no shouting and violent games.


The lunch here is made by your mum or dad. You can have anything edible like pizza and pasta.


The teachers here are ACE. They will give you homework which will be easy (sometimes it can be horrendous).


You can use any device like, an iPad, computer and tablet. All of these will be used to work on .


The lessons taught here are done by Mrs Daire and her staff. The lessons here are taught with iPads and computers. Everyone does their own lessons.

The teachers at ACE are amazing in every single way (if they have drunk their coffee)!

It's very easy to make friends and if you don't on the first day you will the next.

Democracy is important in this school, from arguments to assemblies.

All of our teachers are amazingly ACE, especially Mrs Daire, who is the most fantastically positive, fabulous teacher at ACE and may be even the world's best teacher and headmistress.

I can't leave the school grounds out of this list.  They are beautiful.

Our school used to be a house but Mrs Daire turned it into a school which, even by her standards, was a fantastically ACE idea.

What makes ACE so special is that the teachers encourage us to make progress and have amazing skills.  We work on important stuff like how to listen to each other.

I love school because my best friend is Marietta. What's fun about my school is that I always look forward to going to school. I love school. I love ACE!