ACE RISING and ACE PLUS and ACE CONNECT are led by our highly qualified and experienced Head of Inclusion, Miss Ashley Hall.  The team that she leads includes specialists who provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and much more.  In ACE RISING the ratio is 2 adults to 3 students and is for children from Reception - Year 6.

ACE PLUS is for our Senior Students.


Each child has their own Individual Education Plan and they follow their own curriculum at their own speed.  The ACE RISING classroom is housed in the main school building so the class and the children are still an important and integral part of the Junior school whilst eliminating the sensory overload that a mainstream class inevitably creates.   Senior students are in the Senior building so that they can study with a group or individually, whichever suits their needs best.

The students in ACE PLUS also have their own individual education plan, as well as all the additional help that ACE offers, to support those who are following the Cambridge Curriculum and other courses and allowing students to study at their own pace.  It includes the provision of the accommodations that might be needed when our students take their external exams.

ACE CONNECT is an intensive academic programme designed for children, aged 3 - 11 years old, who need a more individualised and concentrated approach to learning. Our programme offers education for a maximum of 8 students in a safe, specialised and comfortable environment designed for students with specific learning needs. Our teacher to student ratio of 2:1 (2 students to 1 teacher) is beneficial to students who need that extra bit of support and individual focus. Students also receive single and group Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy sessions as well as other professional support. 


ACE CONNECT allows our children to join in with mainstream class activities, offering inclusion options where possible and appropriate. ACE CONNECT is designed to promote inclusion and encourages students to work towards our ACE RISING AND ACE PLUS programmes. 


ACE CONNECT’s learning environment consists of a dedicated designed classroom. The classroom benefits from individualised stations as well as group settings which encourages our children to focus and get the best from their individualised education. The ACE CONNECT learning environment also consists of a motor room and a sensory room. 


Each child has an individual learning plan which supports their own learning style. The programme has a specific curriculum developed for different academic areas and is implemented by specialised staff using different means of evidence-based practices.