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Does online tutoring really work?

Yes! Our online, interactive live sessions are delivered by our experienced ACE tutors who guide you through personalised online tutoring. You have access to our digital intranet, tools and resources. Each session can be recorded and made available on the student portal so you can review your lessons and, if your parents are registered with us, they too can remain updated about your progress.

What do we mean by personalised online tutoring?

Personalised online tutoring is where the curriculum for each student is created depending on your learning ability and availability.  Sessions are designed to ensure that you benefit from the undivided attention of a tutor. Unlike an online classroom where you may find it hard to keep up, a personalised, one-to-one online learning programme enables you to learn at your own pace. Personalised sessions also allow you to ask questions during a session, thereby enabling you to grasp concepts before proceeding with the course.

What are the credentials of the tutors?

All our ACE tutors are qualified teachers and specialists in their subject making them ideal online tutors and mentors. They are handpicked by our Principal and go through rigorous checks before they start working with ACE.  All our tutors are extremely patient and friendly with their students thus ensuring that you are mentored carefully to make significant progress through the learning process.

How can you benefit from online tutoring?

Our online tutoring services come with a plethora of advantages. Your geographic location is not important as you learn from safe and comfortable environment, wherever you are. You have the opportunity of being taught by expert tutors who are qualified to teach the chosen subject. The virtual lessons are interactive and fun for you to learn with less stress, giving you the confidence you need to excel at academics.

Why learn with ACE ASCEND?

ACE ASCEND'S online tutoring offers plenty of benefits. Here are some reasons why we are regarded among the best online tutoring services:-

  • You work with your online qualified and expert tutor from the comfort and safety of wherever you are

  • You can arrange sessions at a convenient date and time

  • You can record your sessions 

  • You receive a personalised email address with gives you access to the ACE digital resources and systems

  • You experience state-of-the-art technology by learning over LIVE tutoring sessions


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